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MP3 Video Converter

Potential risk in this app

Reading SD card contents
Your SD card contents are acquired.
    • purpose:ad
    • destination:MdotM
Executing commands
    • purpose:crash report
    • destination:acra
Using Notification area
    • purpose:crash report
    • destination:acra
Externally sending identity
generate URL
Create URL and send infomations.
    • purpose:unkown
    • destination:adsdk
Registering receiver
Reading files
    • purpose:ad
    • destination:MoPub
    • purpose:crash report
    • destination:acra
Making universally unique ID
    • purpose:crash report
    • destination:acra
    • purpose:unkown
    • destination:adsdk


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You can convert video files to audio files (MP3, AAC) with various options ( bitrate, meta data)

1. Supports various types of videos (3GP, FLV, MP4 and so on)
2. Supports various types of audio (MP3, AAC)
3. Supports editing meta information (title, album, artist)
4. Supports application based integration. (Contact us)

* It supports only ARMv7 and higher.

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Possible acceesing the following

full Internet access
Allows the app to create network sockets.
modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents
Allows the app to write to the USB storage. Allows the app to write to the SD card.
view network state
Allows the app to view the state of all networks.
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